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Uses of Temporary Car Insurance

People may need short term insurance for a variety of reasons, from personal convenience to last-minute emergency. But if they're driving, they must have insurance cover; it's a legal requirement. If drivers are caught driving a vehicle without insurance they may incur an immediate £200 fine as well as 6 points on their licence. With the ease of purchasing short term insurance, it's unwise to risk it by driving without.

Personal Uses

Many different kinds of personal uses require short term insurance. Perhaps a driver is borrowing a car to drive to the airport. Or a driver might be going on holiday, but needs a vehicle with another feature – a bigger car with more seats if travelling with a group, more room for luggage, a roof rack, or a tow bar. Perhaps a driver is borrowing a friend's van in order to move to a new house. When a car is being repaired, a driver using a courtesy car will need short term cover. The same is true of test driving a car one might buy. The most maddening examples are the unexpected ones, like when the car won't start in the morning and drivers need to get to work or get the kids to school; borrowing a neighbour's car may seem to be an easy solution, but the driver likely isn't insured on that car. This is where the speed of purchasing short term insurance online is especially helpful.

Covering Others

Short term insurance is also used to cover other drivers on one's own car. A typical example is when children return home from university and want to drive their parents' car. If they're not named on the parents' policy – which likely increases the cost of that policy – they won't be covered. Or if friends are visiting from out of town, a driver can purchase a short term policy that allows them to drive temporarily. If a driver purchases a car as a present for someone else – a spouse perhaps – he or she can buy short term cover to insure that spouse to drive it immediately.

There are a myriad of other examples of situations where you might need to drive someone else's car or allow someone else to drive your own. For all these situations and more, short term insurance is necessary to comply with the law; - and for your own protection!

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